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  web-based, platform-independent,
multi-user interface for managing
scientific literature & citations



Get Involved

We invite you to test-drive refbase at the refbase Demo Database (latest stable release version) or the refbase Beta Database (latest development version). Feel free to login and play around! Further demo and real-world installations are listed here. If you need assistance from other users, want to share tips or discuss existing or potential features you're welcome to browse, search or post to our discussion forum or the refbase-talk mailinglist. If you'd like to contribute to the ongoing development of refbase please send us an email. For bugs or feature requests please use our forums or mailinglists. You may be also interested in our task lists for open bugs and features.




Documentation is a work in progress, i.e., help contents are somewhat preliminary and incomplete. Still, the existing help documents may be of value to you. A stable release version of refbase is available here. The latest source code can be checked out and installed from the refbase Subversion repository. If you've got questions or encounter any problems using refbase you're welcome to use our help forum or submit your feedback to our refbase-talk mailinglist.

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